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a bi-coastal thanksgiving

Thanksgiving CollageChristi and I couldn’t be having two more different Thanksgivings. She is in Sarasota, Florida hosting 18+ for dinner. She was visiting So. Cal last week and didn’t get home until last Sunday night. I know she has been scrambling all week plus both of her ovens went out yesterday and I haven’t heard from her since (no doubt, her kitchen drama will be a future post).

On the flip side, I am here in beautiful Dana Point, California sipping coffee and reading. We are going to visit my grandma with flowers and then head to my sister’s house in Los Angeles. I told her to have the champagne ready so we can toast the occasion. We are then heading to her beach club for a gourmet dinner with every food imaginable (I’m guessing).

Despite how we choose to celebrate the day, everyone’s intentions are the same…reflect on the gifts we are thankful for and the people in our lives that we love and that love us. Christi and I wish you a memorable Thanksgiving filled with laughter, family, friends and good food.


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