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Straight on view.BunkOne Decision Becomes Your Legacy. One Place Is Where It All Collides,
from “The Place Beyond The Pines.

I know a special person whose LEGACY is being shaped by his very DECISION to approach each day with a measured purpose. The place it all “collided” was a rugby field. He walked onto a rugby field one afternoon to play a game he loved, and hasn’t walked since. He says he knew instantly that life as he knew it was over. But he was positive his life was not over.

He is seven years removed from that collision. He misses teaching special education students and hopes to return to the classroom one day. He tutors once a week. He works on regaining movement. He is studying towards his Master’s degree in Art Education. And he pursues his craft – painting.

He paints beautiful paintings using ONLY his mouth. Let me repeat that…he paints beautiful paintings using only his mouth. The elegance and strength of his work must emanate from somewhere inside- from a place that refuses to acknowledge there are “no bad days,” a mantra he lives by.

There is unending support from friends, family, healthcare workers, students, colleagues and others who cross his path. Fox News ran an amazing segment on him (see clip below). But no one is surrounded all the time. And in those moments of solitude, maintaining a spirit for living, focusing talent to create beauty in the world, and constantly uplifting others is a rarity that few are capable of even in optimal circumstances. He does it naturally.

I have my own original piece of artwork that I bid on at his Annual Golf fundraiser a few years back. I waved that bid paddle frenetically, dodging the eye of my husband, knowing the value of the work.

Sideways view.Bunk

The painting is prominently displayed in our home and reminds me of him every day. It reflects possibility and potential. It commands me to be grateful and avoid pettiness. My plan is to add two more paintings to our collection; one for each of my children. When they grow up and leave home, I want them constantly reminded of this talented and inspiring man whose actions and work show that ALL things are possible no matter the adversity.

He started painting the American flag simply because it is the flag of his country. But what better symbol for him to paint than the American Flag – independent, proud, strong, courageous, captivating, unifying, constant; all of the qualities he embodies.

Bunk Signature

His name is Bunk Wurth. As we acknowledge and salute so many heroes on Labor Day weekend, keep this inspiring hero in your heart and in your toasts!
For more information, please go to Bunk’s official website.



  1. Terry,
    Bunk Wurth is truly an inspiration! I have seen his art in your home, and it’s difficult to believe that this young man painted that piece of art with his mouth. He really is a hero in many ways!!!!!!!

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