Cashmere Apron


Cashmere Apron celebrates delicious food, strong drinks, unbreakable relationships, anecdotes that entertain and experiences
that make us laugh until we cry.

Growing up, my parents entertained all the time. There is a still frame photo in my head of their dining room table overflowing with delicious food, sophisticated drinks and smiling faces. I envision my dad at his bar, a silver bucket of perfectly crushed ice on one side and his classic martini shaker on the other. With a shake and a toss and the rattle of ice, every drink was expertly poured into a chilled Waterford glass and accompanied by a fresh-pressed cocktail napkin. My parents did it all with a seamless ease, which I now realize was more about their warm personalities and making guests feel welcome than anything else.

You don’t need to be a professionally trained chef for people to feel special in your home. A little time, effort and planning go a long way in creating indelible moments. To me, entertaining isn’t always about the grandiose, it’s about leaving people knowing they have meaning in your life.

I have worked in marketing and PR throughout my professional career. In answer to the question posed in my Eighth Grade yearbook, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” My answer was simply, “A writer.” I have used my writing skills to tell the stories of others, to create marketing and ad campaigns where people can picture their future stories unfolding, and to edit copious amounts of copy for clients and friends. And I still have “write a novel,” on my ‘Life Goals’ list. Cashmere Apron is the perfect space for combining my love of writing, creativity, entertaining and travel.Deer Valley ABOUT