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Lead FloralLabor Day is here and with it the symbolic final celebration of summer. If you are thinking about an eye-catching hostess gift for that BBQ you’re invited to, why not walk in with this cool flower arrangement. I’m pretty sure, no one else will have one like it. And if you’re the lucky “hostess with the mostess,” this will be the stunning centerpiece of your table.

I wasn’t sure how it would come out when I started to make the arrangement. I knew what I wanted but things don’t always turn out how we envision (just ask my family who told me my last recipe involving spaghetti squash was not “blogworthy”). The recipe really did look different in my head!

This “American Beauty” of an arrangement, however, was given a big thumbs up by my toughest critics- my loving family. And I knew it was a hit when my mom raved about the flowers and attributed it to her flower-making prowess that she declared, “must have rubbed off on you.

1 dozen deep red roses
1 dozen creamy white roses
1 bunch of blue/purplish flowers (I used Delphiniums)
1 large bunch of Babies Breath
1 long palm leaf
1, 8″x8″ square vase
1 square wet floral oasis
1 yard thick ribbon (I used gold)
glue gun
floral scissors

Florals 1
Florals 2
Floral 3
Floral 4
Florals 5
Florals 6
Floral 7
Florals 8
Florals 9 final

Finish out the arrangement by lining the outside border with the Babies Breath. This will ensure that no part of the green oasis will be seen. This arrangement will last a while. Check the oasis daily and gently pour in water when it starts to feel dry.

Wherever  your Labor Day weekend invitations lead you; be happy, be healthy, be safe, have fun and LAUGH…

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