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Jaime.MelissaFinalI received an invite to attend an afternoon garden party in the swanky burbs of Los Angeles. I looked at the invitation and thought, “Hmmmm… a carefree Saturday spent savoring hand-passed appetizers, scrumptious mini desserts and sipping festive cocktails to celebrate the launch of Chrome Girl Nail line…perhaps there would even be some mingling with celebs???” That’s what I call a no-brainer. I invited a few of my best gal pals and we cruised to L.A. for the festivities.

Chrome Girl Nail line is the brainchild of two darling neighborhood mommy friends. They wanted a chemical free product their young girls could pamper their little fingers with while providing an edgy and trendy line of lacquers for girls of all ages.

Flash forward to February 2013. Jennifer Hudson sports Chrome Girl Nail color “Hard To Get” to the Oscars (a major coup). Then, the soft launch of Chrome Girl Nail in a Planet Beauty store in L.A. so impressed that the nail line was put into all Planet Beauty stores. Not bad for two neighborhood friends bonding over their daughter’s manis! Chrome Girl Nail founders Jaime Boreanaz (wife of Bones star/actor David Boreanaz) and Melissa Ravo “officially” launched Chrome Girl Nail at the garden party celebration where all proceeds directly benefitted the Non-Profit organization Dress for Success.

Such a fun crowd

Such a fun crowd

The backyard decor was a dreamy menagerie of white leather, chrome tables and gorgeous springtime blooms. A handsome bartender poured creative and delicate concoctions featuring berries, edible blooms and Veev, an organic Acai spirit. We nibbled, sipped and chatted the afternoon away and had the pleasure of meeting Anna Sophia Robb (The Carrie Diaries), AJ and Aly Michalka (actresses and musicians; 78violet) and David Boreanaz, star of Bones. We spent time at the cleverly created “Polish-N-Play” bar where you could demo all of the Chrome Girl Nail line colors created with such saucy monikers as Barely Legal, Birthday Suit, No Tan Lines, Pucker Up, Shmexy, Sweet Spot and Worth The Wait.

The Party Setting. Supported by my gals Heather, Jill and Lisa <3

The Party Setting. Supported by my gals Heather, Jill and Lisa <3

My sister was the event hostess (yep- that’s how I snagged an invite) and I always find it inspiring to watch her do her thing and move about a crowd so naturally. She spoke from the heart about her friends, David and Jaime, and congratulated Melissa and her husband Aaron as well. She told a story from early in her career that segued beautifully into the mission of Dress for Success and being empowered by how we present ourselves, and how every woman deserves to feel that sense of confidence. It truly was a special afternoon of women supporting women – from my friends coming to the party with me, to our family being there to support my sister in her home, to all of the guests supporting entrepreneurs Jaime and Melissa and acknowledging their success, to the Dress for Success team.

Perfect Ending to the day...sunset dinner at The Ivy at The Shore with my gals...

Perfect Ending to the day…sunset dinner at The Ivy at The Shore with my gals…

There’s a scene from Silver Linings Playbook where Bradley Cooper’s character, Pat, is subjected to his brother’s OTT bragging about how great his life has become while Pat was locked up in a mental institution. Pat looks at his brother, hugs him tightly and says, “I got nothin but LOVE for you brother.” That line sticks with me. I loved being part of such a supportive and positive afternoon. Best of Luck Chrome Girl Nail. We expect you to be all over Oscar nails in 2014.

Now, if I could just get Jennifer Hudson into a Cashmere Apron burn-out tank!



  1. My husband’s from LA and keeps saying we need to leave DC and head out west. Maybe he’s right. For Saturday afternoons like this, I would TOTALLY move to LA! I also had to laugh a bit when I read that the impetus for creating this line of nail polish was so that little girls had a safe polish to use, but then the names of the polishes are, as you said, a little saucy.

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