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create a vision board – a diy for every age

Lead Vision BoardI tried to get both of my kids to write resolutions for the new year. I thought our New Year’s escape to Ojai would be an ideal opportunity. I enVISIONed myself neatly writing down their respective resolutions during the three-hour drive, hoping they would motivate each other and find some new aspirations for 2014. Well…we snacked and listened to music and talked during the drive (to and from) and neither kid ever took the “resolution” bait.

Flash forward to the last Friday night of Christmas vacation. Sports practices and high school games were back in full swing, “voluntary” 3-day soccer camps were ongoing and my daughter’s science fair project loomed with a glaring annoyance. One day after soccer camp, my daughter talked her BFF into being her “timer” as she tracked the results of her science experiment. They finished and came inside to change for my son’s high school basketball game. When I came downstairs, ready to leave, both girls had on furry pajamas and were cozied up under their blankets watching a movie. Clearly, a brother’s basketball game was nowhere on their tuckered little radars.

And since they had a night of movie watching on their agenda I said, “Why don’t you create Vision Boards!” Yep – blank stares. Their interest perked up a little bit when I explained what a Vision Board is. Then I pulled up some “cool” examples on Pinterest and they said, “Yeah, we’ll do that.” I gathered up every magazine in the house so they could start cutting and tearing out images and words that appealed to them. I explained there was no right or wrong to the process. They simply needed to put aside those things that appealed to their passions and instincts without thinking too hard about it.

Vision Board Pinterest 4

I found black canvases at Aaron Brothers (cheers to the 2-for-1 penny sale) and when I got back from the basketball game, they were still on the couch cutting away with scraps strewn everywhere. The girls happily worked for at least four hours on their boards. My daughter’s friend created a board that highlighted fashion and her individual style. We embellised the border of the canvas with a few diamond specks and fresh rose petals for extra impact. My daughter’s board was a random smattering of sports, surf and expressions that fit her personality.

I used large pushpins to attach a thick burlap ribbon into the back of the canvas frame so they could hang their boards wherever they wanted. I also added an envelope on the back of each board that says “Goals” so they can drop in any goal that pops into their heads during the year.

Vision Board 2

Apparently there IS a correct way to create a Vision Board and the method has proven effective in achieving goals and dreams that we each manifest internally (I found this article on Oprah online but there are hundreds of articles and examples out there).

Personally, I love the “no thinking,” creative, instinctual aspect of putting a Vision Board together. And rather than writing a list of resolutions that may just add to our daily pressure and checklists and failures, I prefer the easy roadmap style of this process. I think of a Vision Board as a gentle daily reminder of where each of us wants to go – in our own time and at our own pace.

Vision Lead 3

I have gathered a new stack of magazines and plan on having a few friends over for a “Vision Board” party (wine included). Happy New Year. Be good to yourselves.


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