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IMG_3267I find magazines all over the house with pages dog-eared so I don’t forget to remember all the cool stuff I want to try – a new recipe, a new restaurant, a new trend, a new boutique, a new wrinkle reducer… My iPhone too has a robust and growing list under the NOTES section for the same purpose. And yet, daily life crashes in and all of my dog-eared pages and lists go by the wayside. I LOVE Birchbox because it does all that work for me, loyally landing on my doorstep every month like clockwork. Inside that snazzy box, I unwrap the latest beauty, skincare, body, make-up and fragrance selections in a cute and practical sample size. And I know the products are just for me because I filled out my own beauty profile – my likes, dislikes, problem spots (darn t-zone and crow’s feet), interests and so on…


I think Birchbox is a brilliant concept. “SAMPLE-LEARN-BUY,” they encourage. If you try a product that becomes more relevant in your life than air, you can purchase a full-size version in the Birchbox store. There’s a rewards program too for purchases, referrals and the like. Personally, I don’t take full advantage of the rewards program but I’m sure many do and it seems like a worthwhile feature. If you have extra time (you never know), you can navigate around the Birchbox site and really pump up your “Beauty IQ” with different offerings-there’s an online magazine, tutorials, #beauty diaries, videos and so on.


The absolute highlight of Birchbox is the cost – $10 a month. No shipping costs. No hidden fees. No obligations. Just $10 a month. If you are like me, there is little time to hunt down the next new product or trend even though we want to. Birchbox makes the perfect gift for someone or the perfect entry point for your daughter into the world of skincare, make-up and beauty.

Love Your Birchbox

Love Your Birchbox

Growing up, I constantly signed-up for monthly programs of some sort – book clubs, the BMG music club, QVC make-up, Proactiv – you get my drift….Ultimately, we would part ways because it became too costly and I rarely used the full product (some never!). I relish my Birchbox every month and the sample sizes are ideal for using in their entirety, throwing into an overnight bag, placing in a guest bathroom or sharing with a friend. SAMPLE-LEARN-BUY…why not join? Get your Birchbox on today!

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