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glamorize and economize

Who says you can’t glamorize and economize at the same time? No one would argue that the state of our economy has been less than desirable since…well…..We all know people who have pinched pennies and scrimped on everything from the basic necessities to those luxury items (Gasp!! No cut and color every 4 to 6 weeks?? What’s a girl to do!!)

We know the best times are had with the people we spend them with (and a little creativity never hurts). So, we invited a group of our best gal pals to a themed party called “Sign-Of-The-Times.” The rules for attendance were simple:

  1. Wear a new outfit that cost $25 or less (receipts had to be provided)
  2. Bring an appetizer that cost $15 or less
  3. Bring your best money saving tip related to cooking, fashion, beauty or entertainment

The questions we received leading up to the party were quite amusing, “Do shoes count?” “Does shipping and tax count?” “Where am I going to find an outfit for $25!” “This is not possible!” “I don’t even know where to shop!”

When our stylish guests arrived, they walked the red carpet lined with rose petals and bright, metallic balloons. Both items were purchased at The Dollar Store. Everyone posed for a Polaroid picture that was pinned to a board with their receipt for “proof of purchase.”

Cashmere Apron provided the setting (thank you Christi), drinks, dinner and dessert and followed the exact same rules as our guests. Our menu:

Opening Cocktail:
Sparkling Sangria (recipe found in our recipes archive)

Provided by our guests

Christi’s Krunchy Kale salad (a crowd favorite!)
Mini chicken pot pies
White wine
Sparkling water

Mini Frozen Chocolate mousse pies

Party Favor
Homemade fudge wrapped in parchment paper and tucked into a red sparkling Chinese-Take-Away-Box purchased at Cost Plus World Market.

 And of course, prizes were given for those that followed the rules and those that didn’t!

Everyone (pretty much) followed the rules. And everyone had a great time without breaking the bank. You CAN glamorize and economize! Everything from the invites to the decorations and the menu were planned with cost in mind. Remember that old saying, “The man makes the suit, the suit doesn’t make the man.” The same goes here – just replace “man” with “woman” and “suit” with “super hot outfit!”

Start your planning!


  1. Christi’s kale salad is my favorite kale salad ever! I will be making it this week!!! Where can I find the bag of chopped kale mix?

    • Thanks so much for visiting our site M! It was a really fun party theme and we loved seeing our friends scramble to find their style on a budget. Let us know how it goes! We <3 to hear our friends ideas.

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