Cashmere Apron

pineapple and ginger cocktail

2 shots of Pineapple vodka (we use Skyy)
1 shot of Cointreau
Ginger beer
1 whole pineapple or pineapple spears, cut into squares
1 orange, cut into thick slices
drink toothpicks
crushed ice

Drink Collage

Add crushed ice to a martini shaker. To the shaker add the pineaple vodka and cointreau and shake. Pour evenly into two cocktail glasses. Top with ginger beer, add ice and mix gently.

For garnish, use drink toothpicks and layer a small piece of pineapple leaf (if you used a whole pineapple), a cube of pineapple, an orange spear, a pineapple leaf and another pineapple cube. Place gently across cocktail glass and serve. Aloha.


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