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I have always enjoyed making ornaments to give away or to save for my family’s Christmas tree. I think my love for crafty ornament making began back in Ms. Meyer’s Kindergarten class when we made those salt dough ornaments (do you recall making those???). I don’t know about the rest of the country, but we Florida kids always wondered why our treasured ornaments were slightly moldy the next year…. “Ahhh, the good old Florida humidity!”
The Seashell ornaments shown below are sure to last a lifetime. My teenage daughter and her bestie loved making these seashell treasures. We have a bucket full of shells that we picked up from our local beaches over the years so these ornaments are a little more personal to us. You can purchase shells if you do not have your own collection. It’s also fun to personalize with last names, dates, or the name of your city and state. Make sure you have a glue gun for this activity as the shells need to be securely fastened.
Grab your teenager or little one and make an ornament for your tree or to give away as a gift. Years from now you will be so happy you took the time to make a seashell treasure. The best gift you can give your child is time, attention, love and memories….
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Supply list to make 8 ornaments
8 large clear glass ornaments
1 small bottle metallic aqua blue paint
1 small bottle gold paint
Paint brushes
1 can glitter spray paint
Glitter (we used white, blue and red)
Shells (we bought two bags from Hobby Lobby and used some that we found on Siesta Key Beach)
Glitter Glue pen (to write your name, date, or city’s name)
Glue gun with extra glue sticks

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1. Carefully remove the top of the glass ornaments and fill 1/4 of the way with glitter.
2. You can leave your ornaments clear or you can spray paint the outside with the glitter spray paint. Let dry completely.
3. While ornaments are drying, paint your shells. We painted some of our shells and left some shells in their natural color.
4. Plug glue gun into power.
5. Being very careful with your glue gun, glue your shells onto your glass ornaments in the design of your liking.
6. Using the glitter gel pen, write the date, your name or your city or state’s name onto your ornaments.
7. Let the ornaments dry completely then replace the top of the ornaments.
8. Tie a ribbon onto the top of the ornaments for hanging.

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