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the best of this christmas season

Favorite Holiday Memory 2013When Christi and I launched Cashmere Apron, we never thought we would be blogging from opposite ends of the country. But, such is life – nothing is certain. And so, Christi is living in Sarasota, Florida (hopefully, temporarily) and I am here in Dana Point, California. And we are making it work!

As Christmas Eve is upon us, Christi and I simply wanted to share our respective favorite holiday memories from this season. We know you have your own favorite memories and would love to hear about them as well. Merry Christmas!
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  1. So beautifully written…..It was my favorite memory this season as well. As usual you couldn’t have said it any better in saying that the best gifts and memories don’t exist in any store anywhere…They exist in our heart and souls and are shared with the people we love the most. Love you lots friend…thank you for so many memories through the years. XO

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