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wednesdays on a whim

WOW4We all have reminders and To-Do lists. I set reminders on my iPhone to remember my To-do’s. It’s a busy world. By the middle of the week, activities are usually in high gear and my “taxi-cab” is in full swing – socks in the back seat, bagel crumbs in the front, permission slips neatly tucked into side pockets and the requisite coffee mug filling up with extra change from after school snack runs. There’s a reason Wednesday is called Hump Day.

Christi and I created “Wednesdays-on-a-Whim,” to get you through Hump Day with an easy homemade meal. The ingredients are fresh, the recipes are time efficient and you will be able to bring a meal straight from your heart to your family’s dinner table (not that you can’t use these recipes anytime you are looking for something quick and easy). Look for our feature every Wednesday and feel free to share any recipes that would fit the bill for “Wednesdays-on-a-Whim.” Scroll down to discover today’s recipe. Happy Wednesday!

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